The Truth is in the Sunshine.

I love taking a moment to settle my mind. So many emotions can build up behind your conscious while weeks go by. Sometimes it is the most important thing to just sit down and think about the bad feelings, the guilt, the shame, and the grudges that are building up in your mind. Write them down, deal with them one by one. Talk to people that you feel tensions with, honestly and openly. Ask forgiveness where it is needed, make amends where they are necessary. Pray if you believe in the Lord and lay your heart before him. Maybe call up a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long while. Deal with life. It is yours, and you live it. You may as well take care of maintenance every now and then. You may realize that the ‘maintenance’ is where the joy of life is found.

The important things are simple.

Silhouette Tutorial

Silhouettes: shadow-like profile usually seen in a vintage context.

Hello Gals and Gents,

So if you have seen my little gravatar, you may or may not have noticed that it is a silhouette. As a matter of fact, it is my silhouette! For those of you who might have just a little bit of artistic ability then I have a project for you.

1. Start by taking a profile picture of yourself:











2. Grab a sketch pad and use the photo to draw just the out-line of your face, head, and shoulders.











3. Fill in the outline, and create a curve at the bottom of your image where the shoulders and chest would be. Don’t worry about making it perfect, you just need it to be overall shaded.












4. Take a picture of the sketch and upload it into a picture editor. I use Google+ editor.









5. Contrast the image until the paper is stark white, and your silhouette is as black as it will get.

6. Crop your image







7. Save the picture

8. Copy the picture and paste it into Word Paint









9. Use the paintbrush to touch up the black on your silhouette

10. Select the image, crop it how you wish, and save-as a photo.jpg












Great job! You made your first Silhouette!


If you would like you can get on google and look for a neat frame to copy into paint. You can use the free-hand select to select just your image and move it into the frame.











Well that’s it for me! Thanks for tuning in. Until next time.


Music for you folks

I love me some good music to set the mood of a day or an event. Naturally I love music on the folk-indie side of things. If you wanted some good folk bands to look into, here are my favorties;

Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale:

These guys are an english folk band (who obviously have their bible stories confused). They have a light whimsical feel with nostalgic hints.











The Wailin’ Jennys:

These gals have a lot more of a twang and rollin’ in the hay feel. If you need your ‘stars in the country sky, straw in your hair’ kind of fix, I would highly suggest these Canadian ladies.








Oh! These delightful Scottish gents are my favorite indie fix. It is so easy to escape into the echoing textures of their voices. They have a blend of harmony and strings.

I hope you find yourself immersed in a frenzy of ear-pleasing melodies for a while. As for me, I am off to continue the living as I usually do.

An introduction

Before we begin our adventure I’ll get something straight with you right now; I am not a hippy and I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion guru. I thought maybe we could learn together. It seems to be the thing these days to post pictures of yourself in strategically formed outfits and type deep meaningful thoughts about culture and emotions. I don’t require any certain attitude or look for myself, or for you. I titled my blog ‘a heart of folk’ because I want us all to go back to the roots of who we are as individuals.

You and I can pretend to be a hipster, but lets let the real hipsters keep to their ways. Let’s you and I be a little something more.

I’m Natalie. It is nice to meet you. In the digital sense, that is.