Music for you folks

I love me some good music to set the mood of a day or an event. Naturally I love music on the folk-indie side of things. If you wanted some good folk bands to look into, here are my favorties;

Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale:

These guys are an english folk band (who obviously have their bible stories confused). They have a light whimsical feel with nostalgic hints.











The Wailin’ Jennys:

These gals have a lot more of a twang and rollin’ in the hay feel. If you need your ‘stars in the country sky, straw in your hair’ kind of fix, I would highly suggest these Canadian ladies.








Oh! These delightful Scottish gents are my favorite indie fix. It is so easy to escape into the echoing textures of their voices. They have a blend of harmony and strings.

I hope you find yourself immersed in a frenzy of ear-pleasing melodies for a while. As for me, I am off to continue the living as I usually do.


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